About the Author

About the Author

I live with my husband, three dogs, and four cats. Writing has been my passion for as long as I can remember. I’ve written dark poetry and fantasy adventure novels. As an Indie author, I am participating in more conventions and festivals. In 2017 I attended the Mesa Festival of Books, and so far in 2018, I have been to the Tuscon Festival of Books, as well as Phoenix Comic Fest (now Phoenix Fan Fusion/formerly Phoenix ComiCon).

My first work was a Young Adult pentalogy called “A Realm Hereafter”. It took me about 11 years to finish. I got the idea when I was in high school and it took me 7 years to finally sit down and get serious about it. The first book, The King’s Son was meant to be a stand alone book, with no continuing story line. Though it ended the way it was meant to, the way that I’d always planned, I felt compelled to continue. The story grew in a way I’d never expected and, I believe, for the better. I finished the series in May 2013.

Since my first series, I have written several novels that are aimed toward a more adult audience. “The Priestess of Morengard” was the first. Again, it was meant to be a stand alone novel. I have ideas now to write a prequel and sequel, but that will come later, if at all. More recently, I have been working on another pentalogy called “Thistle Black”. This too is aimed toward adults and will have five books in the series. Book one, “Cast”, is already available in print and on Kindle. Books two and three are finished and editing is complete. All that is left is to have the covers made. Book four is written, but needs to be edited.

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