Did Someone Say Spinoff?

Ok, so I was thinking about my series A Realm Hereafter today. Surprising, I know. What I was thinking about was not entirely new. I’ve considered it for a short moment while writing Book 4 but today I was really thinking about it. So here it is. I think I’ve decided that I am going to do another short series. It will be a spinoff of A Realm Hereafter with the main characters being some new people in Books 4 and 5. But for a brief moment in the series, my Hereafter characters will not be in the spinoff. The new storyline will be slightly introduced in my current series but not enough to give away the entire plot. It will be a story that is unfolding parallel to Hereafter and eventually they intersect. It would be an interesting idea that I hope will turn out well. However, I have several other stand alone book ideas that I want to tackle before I pursue this venture.

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