Site Updates

Site Updates

This page makes it easy for visitors and fans to find out what is new on without having to navigate the entire site.

6/22/16- Added Facebook Groups to the Menu Bar

5/18/14- The Unreasonable Prince pg 3

10/10/13About the Artist

10/7/13Teasers Updated



7/14/13- Purchase

7/13/13The King’s Son Kindle Edition Giveaway *closed*


3/16/13- NaNoWriMo-Updated

3/14/13- To Outline or Not to Outline

3/11/13- The Desert Seer Excerpt

2/18/13- My Writing Room, Mangled Dictations, The Desert Seer

1/27/13TBoK Proof, Announcements


1/17/13- Trivia, TBoK cover and synopsis

1/8/13TBoK Release Set for Feb. 1, Trivia

1/2/13- The Royal Thirteen Cover


11/24/12TBoK Release Date Postponed (for now), Announcements, Trivia


10/27/12Prince and Thief – the original meeting


9/14/12The Blade of Kingdoms Thumbnail, Announcements

9/6/12The King’s Son Excerpt

8/7/12The Witch of Belasi images, Reviews, Where to purchase TWoB, TWoB Writing Music

7/21/12The Witch of Belasi Trailer, Reviews

7/1/12The Witch of Belasi Excerpt

6/23/12Quizzes Reactivated, Page 2 of TUP

6/3/12The Witch of Belasi cover

5/21/12TKS Writing Music, TDQ Writing Music, TKS and TDQ quizzesTrivia

5/8/12The Dragon Queen trailer


5/6/12Writing music for TKS, Writing music for TDQ, Announcements


5/3/12The King’s Son Trailer

4/30/12The Witch of Belasi summary

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