Prince and Thief – original meeting

Prince and Thief – original meeting

In this post you will read the original draft of the meeting between the prince and thief from TKS. This was one of the very first pieces I wrote for TKS back when I was in highschool and even before I knew what the stolen item would be. It is very rough so be warned. 🙂

**Though this is not how the meeting ends up happening in the actual book, it does contain spoilers if you have not read TKS.**

Scene set up- Exendrik has just entered the town of Dexper as they are executing their criminals.

“I have been sent by the king’s oracle to seek out the best thief in the land. Therefore, I must order you to cease the execution of your thieves.”

The executioner looked up at the man in charge. Looking disappointed, the man said, “If it is the will of the oracle, then I have no choice but to obey.”

The executioner pushed the girl back the way they had come, but her expression was that of delight.

Exendrik turned to the stranger, “I thank you for your company and advice. But now I must depart and be on my way. Please take this as a sign of my gratitude.” He placed three gold coins in the man’s hand.

“I thank you very much good sir,” the man cried as Exendrik walked away.

That evening, Exendrik went to the town inn and sat down at the bar. The bartender eyed him with interest, “You’re the fella who called off the executions aren’t you?”

The prince’s eyes briefly flickered to the man’s face and then back to the table.

“Yes,” he responded as he made sure no one could see his face.

“So that was you?”a voice said from behind him. He turned and faced someone cloaked as he was. “You were sent by the oracle?”

“Yes, I was,” he said quietly, “what can I do for you?”

The figure sat down next to him.

“I heard you were looking for someone.”

Exendrik nodded, “I am looking for the best thief there is. I was told he goes by the name of Fen.”

“Ah, Fen. I know him well.”

“You do?” he asked excitedly.

“I certainly do,” the figure said with a nod, “I have known him all my life.”

“Would you be so kind as to bring me to him?”

The stranger stood, head shaking.

“I fear I cannot do that.”

As ther person turned, the sound of a sword being drawn sounded from behind. The figure turned to face the sword Exendrik held. Holding up a small pouch, he whispered, “It does take a good thief to steal from me. Now I ask you to remove your hood and return the gold.”

The thief hesitated but, seeing no other noice, removed the hood and returned the gold. Exendrik stood staring at the woman he had seen being led to the gallows.

He looked at her curiously, “How did you get out of the prison?”

She smiled, “That is my secret. But how can you expect less from the greatest?”

The prince stared at her for a second before it clicked.

“You are Fen?”

“That I am.”

“Please, I beg you to help me.”



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