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TBoK Proof – JF Castillo
TBoK Proof

TBoK Proof

Yay! I’m excited to get The Blade of Kingdoms proof today. It looks super awesome. It’s a little darker in real life than it looks here in the picture. Normally, I would just post these to my FB page but since there is all that stuff going on about them taking their users’ images, I just decided to post them here. So here is me with my newest book…

Pretty awesome isn’t it? It’s quite hefty compared to the others. Sad thing is, you can’t see all the awesome little things Bryan put into it. There were a lot of details in the moon and you can hardly see any of it. 🙁  It’s kind of like The Witch of Belasi. He put tiny threads coming off the cloak, but of course you can’t see them on the cover.

And here is a picture of the spines…

A pointless picture really, but I wanted to put it up here so I did.

And finally, all four books in a row. Aren’t they pretty? Bryan is such a talented artist. I am so lucky that he is willing to create the covers for my books. Now I can’t wait to add the fifth and final book to the line up. 😀


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