TBoK Release Postponed (for now)

TBoK Release Postponed (for now)

So when I originally began NaNoWriMo, my plan was to make it through the month and then, when it was over, set Book 5 aside and return to editing The Blade of Kingdoms. Now that I am currently in the middle of Book 5, that plan has inevitably changed. Perhaps someone witih more foresight would have seen this coming. After writing so much for my new book, I feel that I am on a roll. The ideas are coming more easily and I’ve gotten lost in the storyline. I am excited about it and I don’t want to stop this magical moment 🙂 to go back to editing The Blade of Kingdoms. TBoK is finished but Book 5 is coming to life and I can’t stop in the middle of that.

Now what does this mean for the series? Well, it means that TBoK will take a little longer to be released than I had originally planned. I do intend to put out a trailer and I will also post the current first few pages of the book in the coming weeks. That will be all you’ll get for TBoK for a while. Once I finish the first draft of Book 5, I will set it aside to resume editing TBoK.

So it is unlikely that I will keep the original release date of The Blade of Kingdoms as some time in February. But who knows, I might surprise myself.

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