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The Beast: Flash Fiction – JF Castillo
The Beast: Flash Fiction

The Beast: Flash Fiction

The Beast is copyrighted to J F Castillo. Installments of Flash Fiction are unedited.
Theme: Making an ordinary task exciting

I approached the beast with deliberate care. With one foot slowly in front of another, I moved with a silent grace I never knew I possessed. My gaze never left its many eyed face as it watched me. It remained perfectly still as it waited for me to make the first move. It was a predator and I was the prey that thought it had a chance against such a terrifying beast.

Letting out a slow breath, I knew I DID have a chance. I would vanquish the monster that so many failed to defeat before me. I could do it!

Steadying my feet, I brought my dull weapon up for it to see. The creature seemed laugh at me with its many eyes as it beheld my dull weapon. Anger filled me and my vision went red. I lunged! Grabbing hold of its tail with all my strength, it began to thrash. My arm ached and my knuckles were white as bone, but I didn’t waver from my objective. I took my dull weapon and thrust it into the monster’s gnashing, razor toothed mouth! With a mighty roar, it retaliated. It chomped at my weapon over and over. I could hear it being destroyed bit by bit as it drew my fingers ever closer to its destructive mouth.

Fear at last filled me. Was I going to fail? Had I taken on a foe I had no chance in the world of defeating? No! I refused to give up! I would conquer this foul beast if it was the last thing I did!

Determination shoved aside fear and I redoubled my efforts. I thrust my weapon further into its maw and my arm screamed from its angry thrashing. And then… it was still.

Gasping for breath, I peeled my fingers from its tail. They throbbed something terrible, but I didn’t care. I had defeated the monster! I had done what everyone had thought impossible. But the true test was yet to come as I looked down at my other hand. My heart pounded in my chest as I slowly withdrew my weapon from the silenced beast. Bits and pieces of the creature’s innards fell to the ground around my feet, but I paid them no mind as my eyes went wide and a gasp escaped me.

A victorious smile slinked across my lips as I at last whirled around. I thrust my weapon into the air with triumph as the shouts and cheers of those around me split the air. I had succeeded! I had sharpened my pencil!

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