The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 1

The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 1

TUP Story ShieldThe Unreasonable Prince is copyrighted to J F Castillo. Installments are unedited.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, long before those before you were even thinking about being born, there lived a royal family. They lived in a very large castle in a kingdom what’s name, time forgot.

Residing within the walls were three royals, King Longnameous and his children: the Unreasonable Prince and his sister. His wife and their mother had long since vanished citing irreconcilable differences and difficult children.

Since their departure, the remnants of the family had gotten on fine, saying “Good riddance” and carrying on with their lives. King Longnameous went about his royal duties, listening to the plights and grievances of those he ruled. He was a good, fair king that everyone loved. But he did have one problem, his children.

The prince and his sister were twins, born twenty years earlier. The sister was born second, but one minute younger, forever casting her in the shadow of her brother. Being the eldest, he was by right, next in line to take the throne and though he adored his younger by a minute sister, he took great pleasure in reminding her of that small fact.

The sister did not care much for the throne and was happy that her brother would have it. She desired not to rule over others or to have the responsibilities that her father did. Instead, she was charged with the difficult and time consuming task of following her brother and keeping him out of trouble.

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