The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 2

The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 2

TUP Story ShieldThe Unreasonable Prince is copyrighted to J F Castillo. Installments are unedited.

So often this was a fruitless endeavor. The prince seemed to attract trouble like a moth to a flame. And if trouble didn’t find him, then he did all he could to seek it out. And because he always managed to succeed, his sister was unwillingly dragged into it.

Then, when the mess was cleaned up, apologies made, and excuses given, the king would look at his two children and mutter how they took after their mother.

And so it was that one beautiful, sunny day, the two siblings went out for a stroll among their subjects. The people they passed bowed respectfully and greeted the pair with hasty courtesy. They were quick to leave and wished not to linger.

If she could have fled, the princess would have as well. For no good could come of a leisurely stroll on a beautiful, sunny day. And she was right.

As she reached for an apple a kind trader offered her, the prince grabbed her arm, preventing the princess from snatching her prize. His sister looked at him with dismay. She was quite hungry and the shiny red apple looked delicious. She could already taste its sweet juices. But when she saw the look in her brother’s eyes, she knew there would be no chance of her eating that delectable treat. No, that look meant one word… trouble.

Her brother was staring hard at something. His eyes were narrowed and brow was furrowed. There was a slight curl to his lips.

With a resigned tone, the princess inquired as to what had attracted such unwavering attention. At first, he seemed not to notice his sister’s question. But when she began to ask again, he spoke.

Just down the alley was a strange man he had never seen before. The man had dark hair and dark eyes. He stood in the shadows and seemed to be doing nothing but watching those around him.

The brother asked his sister if she had ever seen the man before. After much scrutiny, she answered that she could not say that she had ever laid eyes on the stranger before.

The prince made a noise. He didn’t like the stranger. The man was suspicious looking and strangers rarely passed through his father’s kingdom without his knowledge. He didn’t like not knowing everyone. If he didn’t know everyone then he didn’t know everything. And if he didn’t know everything then it meant someone was hiding something. And when someone was hiding something then that made that person very dangerous. And a dangerous person was a threat to the prince. Therefore, the stranger was a threat.

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