The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 3

The Unreasonable Prince and the Stranger page 3

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The Unreasonable Prince is copyrighted to J F Castillo. Installments are unedited.

With this in mind, the prince made his way through the crowd. He would find out what exactly this stranger wanted. There would be no secrets kept from him by the people.

Behind him, he could hear his sister’s steps moving quickly behind him, trying to keep up. She was trying desperately to convince her brother that the stranger was no one of consequence. Surely he would be gone in only a few days, the Prince only needed to wait for him to leave.

Her brother shook his head. He was not convinced of the stranger’s innocence. No one was innocent and everyone had an agenda. Even his sister, constantly at his side she was, had one. To keep him out of trouble. Ha! Trouble! He was keeping the kingdom safe. His father should be proud that his son took his role so seriously! But no, his father only saw him as a troublemaker. One day the Prince would show Longnameous what an asset he was, what a great ruler he would be.

And what better chance than now?

As he and his sister drew up only a few yards from the stranger, the man at last noticed them. His eyes narrowed and his eyes ran up and down the Prince, scrutinizing. Scrutinizing! Judging! How dare he! To think he could judge the prince of the kingdom what’s name time forgot! The gall! The arrogance!

Citizens scattered across the plaza, fear of the storm that was about to be unleashed in their eyes. The stranger, however, simply crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against the wall. He didn’t bow or give any sort of sign of respect the Prince was due.

The prince drew to a stop and his sister barreled straight into him. Scowling, he elbowed her back. Clumsy, foolish girl she was though he loved her dearly. She was an embarrassment and did not have the air of royalty her brother did. He often couldn’t understand why his father was more impatient with his son than his daughter. At least the Prince could appear collected and in control of himself. Most of the time at least. This, however, was not one of those times. The stranger was just asking for the prince to show him just who was in a place fit to judge. It certainly wasn’t this man in the shadows.

The stranger looked at the Prince with a raise of the eyebrow. The look made the Prince even more angry and he found himself demanding the stranger’s reasons for being in his father’s kingdom.

His sister remained silent behind him, just as she was expected to. She wasn’t to speak when her brother was around. He was the one in charge. Yet the stranger took his eyes off the prince to look at her. A smile slid across his lips and he bowed deeply as he addressed the princess with a respectful, My Lady.

Fury rose in the prince. A gasp escaped his sister as he whirled around to look at her. Her eyes were wide as she looked back at him. She knew she was not to speak and she kept silent though the prince saw the slightest of smiles and the slightest of nods given by his sister to the stranger. Angrily he growled to the man  that he was to address the prince, not his sister.


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